Carry On Essentials & Tips


After returning from a trip abroad, I thought it'd be a great idea to share my carry-on essentials. A lot of people dread plane rides, but there are things you can bring along to make your flight as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. For the most part I try to only keep clothes, shoes, and misc. items in my checked luggage. I bring anything of real value or that provides some type of entertainment in my carry-on with me. It also really helps that I can sleep for the whole duration of the flight whether it's 1hr long or 18hrs. I like to think of that as a gift, but I do like to be comfortable during the time that I'm actually awake. Check out the list below and Leave a comment sharing your ultimate carry-on essential that you absolutely need on a flight!

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Passport/ID & Copies of your passport - Because you're not going anywhere without these.

Cameras, Lenses, and any Expensive Electronics - Just in case your checked bag is thrown around, searched through, or lost

Nice or Expensive Jewelry - Once again, incase the airline loses your luggage. It happens

Travel Pillow(My Favorite) - A life saver for long flights

Toiletries - To keep you so fresh & so clean. Remember to keep any liquids in small containers! Look up the restrictions beforehand.  Deodarant, face wipes, lip balm, hand lotion, hand sanitizer, hair ties, bobby pins, etc.

Books and/or magazines - To keep you entertained and occupied

Headphones - Because what is a flight without music...? Also great for Audiobooks!

Healthy Snacks - To keep you feeling nourished and simply because they are yummy. You actually can't bring produce on most flights so granola bars, nuts, etc. are a great option.

Empty Water Bottle - To fill up once you get inside the gate b/c they essentially give you sippy cups on the plane. I've found myself feeling so dehydrated on long flights and it doesn't feel good. Can't say my friend and I have never stolen(borrowed) a large water bottle from the flight attendant's cart before.....

Gum - For fresh breath & to prevent your ears from popping on the plane

Fuzzy Socks - I don't know about you....but my feet get so cold!

Extra set of clothes - You never know what could happen. Keep it light & minimal. Oh, and always wear some form of sweater or jacket.

Thanks for reading!

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